Trade Waste/Stormwater Diversion System

Tradewaste/Stormwater Diversion Systems are installed to deal with the fundamental requirements of control authorities and councils to:

  • Prevent polluted wash-down waste water from entering the stormwater network and flowing to the downstream environment
  • Prevent rainwater (other than first flush of wash-down waste water) entering and overloading the downstream sewerage network

Local Control Authorities and the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) state that wash-down diversion systems must carry Watermark product certification

Our standard range of diversion systems are listed under separate Watermark Certification drop down tab

Our standard range of pits are Rotomoulded MDPE

Our standard range of pit gratings are Galvanized Mild Steel in Class “B” or “D”

Our standard Diversion Valves and manufactured in Bronze material

Heel proof gratings are available as a special order item for all of our pits

Pits, valves and gratings are available in 316 S.S for special order applications

The Diversion valve system requires a DN 25 Cold Water Supply

Upstream Potable Water Protection being required via an RPZD, as all wash-down areas are classified as a High Hazard – Refer AS 3500.1 = Cold Water Supply – Section 4 and Appendices E&F

Water pressure >150 Kpa is required downstream of the RPZD

They are suitable for Hot Water Applications <80 Deg. C.

Systems with electronic controllers require a 240 Volt 10 Amp Power supply

Design Flow Rates are 20.0 L/Sec @ 0.5 metres head per valve and 20.0 Litres per second through a standard pit with 150mm stormwater outlet

Custom Built Multi Valve systems are available for high discharge flow rate applications

Custom Built Systems are available for any site specific purpose

Little Holland is the approved Distributor of Fox Enviro & Wyuna Separation Technology products in Victoria, Southern NSW and South Australia