Stormwater Isolation

Stormwater isolation valves are at times requiredby the client or the control authority, these can be integrated with any of our Spill Detection and Diversion Systems upon request

The fundamental operation of these systems is to provide a secure sealto the stormwater discharge drain during any spill event

The stormwater isolation valve operation is hydraulically interfaced with the waste water stream diversion valve

Default dual valve status being open to stormwater and closed to Trade Waste

Spill detected dual valve status being closed to stormwater and open to Trade Waste

These systems are installed to protect the environment downstream of the (occasionally) polluted catchment area

They can be single or multiple (20.0 Litres/Second flow Rate) valves depending on the stormwater discharge flow rate

Product Ref Option 1

CMS600/150/150/PS&S/HLA/SWC – Refer Drawing

SDS600/150/150/PS&S/HLA – Refer drawing

Refer Alarms Drop down Tab for an overview of the systems we have available

Little Holland is the approved Distributor of Fox Enviro & Wyuna Separation Technology products in Victoria, Southern NSW and South Australia