Oil/Water Separator Function and Selection

Our standard range of Oil/Water Separators are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel and mounted in a Stainless Steel Support Frame

For marine or other “aggressive” water environments (as advised by the customer) we supply separators in 316 Stainless Steel

The structural integrity of the stainless steel walls keeps them in shape (a distinct point of difference when compared to plastic products) meaning that the water stream in our separator vessels is unable to by-pass the oil separation medium as it travels from entry to exit within the separator vessel – This guarantees consistency of the separation system and the resultant discharge quality

The standard system comes with a single pump and pump controller with pump start/stop and high level alarm floats

Duty and standby pump systems and controllers are available (upon customer request) for systems where absolute security of operation is required

Communication of pump outage and/or high level in tank alarms to a BMS via voltage free terminals for Cat 6 cable connection is available on request

Liquid Spill detection probes installed in the exit chamber of the oil/water separator are available on request, these systems also include feed water pump shutdown to prevent any major polluted water spill from entering the sewer

Product Ref for Sewer discharge flow rates @ 1,000, 1,500, 2,100 and 2,600 l/hr

Refer Drawing FX 1500/DS 25/1.0

Refer Drawing FX 3000/DS 25/1.5

Refer Drawing FX 3000/DS 32/2.1

Refer Drawing FX 3000/DS 38/2.6

Product Ref for Sewer discharge flow rates @ 3,600, 4,300 and 5,000l/hr

Refer Drawing FX 6000/DS 38/3.6

Refer Drawing FX 6000/DS 50/4.3

Refer Drawing FX 6000/DS 50/5.0

Product Ref for Sewer discharge flow rates @ 6,500, 7,200 and 8,500l/hr

Refer Drawing FX 10,000/DS 50/6.4

Refer Drawing FX 10,000/DS 38/2/7.2

Refer Drawing FX 10,000/DS 50/2/8.5

Product Ref for Sewer discharge flow rates @ 11,000, 14,000 and 17,00l/hr

Refer Drawing FX 20,000 – Pump and Controller Specifications available on request

Little Holland is the approved Distributor of Fox Enviro & Wyuna Separation Technology products in Victoria, Southern NSW and South Australia