Oil Spill Recovery/Stormwater Discharge Systems

These systems are designed for open bunded catchments where oil spillage is likely to be mixed with rainwater and the only available location for discharge of the cleaned water stream being to stormwater

Typical stormwater Rainfall IFD requires calculation.

The target being to deal with an acceptable detention volume within the bund, then treat and dispose of the accumulated water over a selected period of time

These systems are manufactured from 316 S.S and include a washable solids screen, 3000 l/hr (or multiples of) screw pump (s), hydro-cyclone, oleophilic bag filter, Granulated Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter and a Waste Oil Recovery Storage Tank

Oily Water mixtures captured on the storage platform discharge into a suitably sized silt retention pit and tank

A high level float in the tank activates the screw pump, water is then transferred through the treatment system at a controlled flow rate with the 2 x liquid phases separated in the process

A level sensor in the waste oil container notifies when the recovery tank is full

The recovered oil then becomes available for removal via a licensed oil recycling company

The waste water stream is directed to the environment at <5ppm Hydrocarbon (Current Industry Best Practice) content

The system incorporates live stormwater discharge quality monitoring, meaning that water with <5ppm hydrocarbon content is discharged to stormwater

Water stream containing >5ppm hydrocarbon content is recirculated through the system until it reaches its target of <5ppm at which pint it recommences discharge to stormwater

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