Explosive Hazard Applications– Controllers, Sensing Systems and Pumps

For Aviation Fuel, ULP, Alcohol(and other Flammable liquid) applications where the collection pit, the airspace above the water in a waste water collection tank and the designated area around the above ground oil/water separator are all classed as Zone 1 explosive hazards

Controllers are to be installed outside hazardous zones

Controllers are equipped with I.S barriers protecting sensing equipment installed within the hazardous zone

I.S Rated sensing equipment is utilized within hazardous zones

Pumps transferring the water stream from a collection tank to sewer via an Oil/Water Separator require EXE Rated motors

We utilize the services of an independent Hazardous Goods Consultant for evaluation and approval of our equipment and it’s fitness for purpose for installations in such circumstances as and when required

Little Holland is the approved Distributor of Fox Enviro & Wyuna Separation Technology products in Victoria, Southern NSW and South Australia