Double Acting Diversion Systems

These systems have been purpose designed for security of the discharge from a potentially polluted catchment area either:

  • During scheduled transfer of bulk fuels and/or chemicals


  • Interfaced via a signal from another equipment controller on the same site

The operation of the valves being directly opposed to one another and installed in a fabricated 316 Stainless Steel Pit, with perforated silt basket and grating

Default Valve Position being Open to Stormwater and Closed to Waste Water collection

Upon receipt of a signal via a proximity switch on a tank valve cover, or other similar signal

Active Valve position is closed to Stormwater and Open to Waste Water collection

Loss of the activation signal reverts the system to Default valve position

Valve position Indicator lights are built into the system controller

System fault alarms are also built into the system controller

Controllers and Sensing Equipment are available in Non Intrinsically Safe for liquid chemical and combustible fuel (Diesel) Applications

Product Ref Option 1

DADS – Non I.S – Refer Drawing

Controllers and Sensing Equipment are available as Intrinsically Safe for Flammablefuel (ULP, Aviation Fuel and Alcohol) Applications

Product Ref Option 2

DADS – I.S – Refer drawing

Little Holland is the approved Distributor of Fox Enviro & Wyuna Separation Technology products in Victoria, Southern NSW and South Australia