Bio Security (AQIS) Washbays

Biosecurity washbays can be either roofed or unroofed

The waste water requires “screening” pre discharge to sewer.

In this case gravity discharge via a static below ground Petrol/Oil Interceptor is not an option

Typically the layout includes

  • A collection pit (for Roofed applications or a Diversion Valve Pit for Unroofed applications) with silt collection basket
  • A trade waste drain to a selected size below ground collection/holding tank
  • Pumped discharge to sewer via a mechanical oil water separator with an internal “woven tube” separation and screening pack and exit chamber screening bags

Roofed washbays require a silt collection pit

Product Ref Option 1 (for roofed washbays)

PT/600/100/D Refer drawing – 600mm square MDPE Pit with class “D” grating, removable silt basket and 100mm or 150mm outlet

Unroofed washbays in excess of 20 square metres require a Trade Waste/Stormwater Diversion System.

Product Ref – Option 2 (for unroofed washbays)

FF600/150/150Refer drawing – 600mm Square Class “B” or “D” Grated Cover and 150mm Trade Waste and 150mm Stormwater outlets

Typical Rainfall IFD requires site specific calculation

Caters to Wash Water, First Flush and Stormwater Flow Rates<20.0 L/sec

This option provides for wash water to be directed to Trade Waste, programmable volume of First Flush of rainwater (after any wash event) arriving on the paved catchment being directed to Trade Waste, with any further rainfall being directed to Stormwater

Dirty Water collection tank to be sized according to the combined first flush and wash-water volume and the required time interval for disposal of the water content before wishing recommences

Refer below Ground Collection tank sizing drop down tab

Mechanical Oil/Water Separator with hourly treatment rate is selected relative to the disposal and first flush volume

Refer Oil/Water Separator drop down tab for selection of equipment package suited to this specific purpose

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